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Brotheridge Chandeliers
Perry chandelier about 1870. £35,000 + vat. 129 cm height and 90 cm diameter.
The chandelier is currently owned by myself and Wilkinson PLC. It came to us from the Haberdashers Company in the City of London.  I understand they bought it from a dealer (probably Mrs Crick) when they occupied their temporary hall in Bartholomew Close in 1956, their previous hall having been destroyed in a fire following an air raid in 1940. In 2002 the Haberdashers Company moved into their new hall on West Smithfield, This chandelier along with several other items were not deemed suitable for use in the new more modern design hall and they were put into storage.  
When the chandelier came to us, it had 7 broken arms, a broken bottom canopy, some crystal dressings were missing and incorrectly pinned and the wiring was damaged and unsafe. The metalwork was blackened in several places where the lacquer had flaked off and the silver plating had tarnished. 
We quoted to restore the chandelier and sell it for them but they chose instead to accept our offer to purchase the chandelier as it was.
Of the 7 broken arms 5 were snapped off where they fitted into their metal cups in the centre of the chandelier. 2 arms were broken beyond reasonable repair and after searching for many months, we eventually made two replacements in English lead crystal which are indistinguishable for the originals. We removed the mounts from all the remaining arms and by regrinding the ends of the 5 damaged arms and changing the angles slightly, we reset all the arms in fresh plaster. 
We removed all the lacquer from the metalwork and the original silver plating underneath was in very good condition, we hand polished it and re lacquered. The drops and buttons were re-sorted and graduated the identical replacement pieces for those missing and damaged were supplied from our antique stocks. The replacement bottom canopy is also an antique piece from our stock and is identical to the original. Finally we cleaned all the glassware, fitted new electric candles and heat resistant flexes.
This was obviously one of Perry & Company's most successful designs, we have restored several models of this chandelier for the National Trust, City Livery Companies, London Clubs and private owners throughout the UK. By coincidence we also restored an almost identical chandelier for Chillington Hall at the same we were restoring this one. I believe the chandelier we are selling is more original than most of the other chandeliers that have come through our doors because it was in use for a shorter amount of time than those where 150 years of poor maintenance have taken their toll.


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