Chandelier Conservation. Estimates from photographs.

Chandeliers and any period light fittings rewired. This includes brass and wooden chandeliers, wall lights and candelabra.

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Brotheridge Chandeliers is a family business established in 1969.Below is a photograph of Terry Brotheridge and assistant dismantling one of the 10 Georgian chandeliers in the Assembly Rooms in Bath. They were made in 1771 and are the finest chandeliers in the world.We have recently rewired them and upgraded the chains that they hang from. Other work includes restoring the chandeliers that were damaged in the fire at Uppark for the National Trust.

Chandeliers are cleaned by dismantling and immersing in water.We travel all over the British Isles and as far afield as The Governors Residence in Gibraltar, Cyprus and Jersey.  We can also quickly dismantle and restore chandeliers damaged in fire and flood.

11 chandeliers rewired, repaired, cleaned and rehung at the Town House, Inverness.

Dismantling at the Assembly Rooms, Bath.