Brotheridge Chandeliers
Brotheridge Chandeliers

Chandeliers moved, raised or lowered for TV & Film.

Work for Film Companies

We have worked on several films including, Alice in Wonderland, Jane Austen's Persuasion, Dean Spanley with Peter O'Toole, The Dutchess, Darkest Hour & King Charles 111.

Chandelier moved from the Van Dyke Room to the Whistlejacket Room at Wentworth Woodhouse for Darkest Hour & King Charles 111.

Tea Room chandelier at the Assembly Rooms Bath. 3 chandeliers that had lit candles added for "The Duchess".


Brotheridge Chandeliers
3 Maytree Walk


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Old brittle pins changed, missing pieces replaced with antique or reproduction parts.





Chandeliers dismantled packed and reassembled.


Reproduction Georgian,

Regency & Victorian

chandeliers made to order.

Fire smoke & flood damaged chandelier restoration.


Load & electrical testing.  

Nationwide Service


Estimates from photographs

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