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Brotheridge Chandeliers

Chaneliers damaged by Blast, Fire & Flood.

I coordinated all of the restoration of the light fittings at the Carlton Club after the IRA blew up the Morning Room. Fortunately no one was killed as the bomb went off in the afternoon!

Uppark. Below image shows shows the state the chandeliers were in after the fire. The ceiling had fallen in and then the floor collapsed. The chandeliers were found in the ashes in the basement. We collected similar antique parts to those destroyed and recut them to the Uppark design. Reproduction arms and canopies were made but most of the stem pieces and pendants are the originals, they were protected by the ashes that they fell into.

Uppark completed.

The picture below shows the Boodle's Saloon chandelier c1800. I  designed and made the two Regency style chandeliers in the Morning Room in 1989

Chandelier maintenance. This chandelier in Boodle's in London was damaged by a flood in the room above. It was dismantled for redecoration, rewired then cleaned annually since 1970.

After a problem with the ceilings the chandeliers at the Assembly Rooms in Bath were stored. They also had new chains fitted at the request of Zurich insurance.

This is Bath's Pump Room chandelier being dismantled for the room to be redecorated. I repaired this fitting a few years ago after it had been damaged in a controlled explosion. 

Georgian urn and spire section after conservation.


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