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Chandelier Cleaning.                                                                                                 
Chandeliers cleaned in water after dismantling. We do not spray any chandeliers as this could damage electrical parts. If chandelier crystal is always just wiped over dirt builds up around the pins and the brass pins are opened up which leads to accidents eventually. 


Chandeliers Electrically Rewired.                                                                                    
Many antique chandeliers have illegal wiring. Flexes must be double insulated and have an earth wire.
We will make sure that the correct flexes are used. We offer a service which includes rewiring in clear flex or gold.                                                                                        
We replace brass lamp holders in screw fitting or bayonet cap.


Chandelier Repinning.                                                                                                         
When the brass pins that hold the crystal buttons together become old they are likely to break which could cause an accident. Pin damage leads to parts being lost, broken and mixed up.            
 Crystal buttons are pinned using lacquered brass.


Chandeliers Repaired

New parts can be made to pattern or antique replacements found.                                              
Broken parts can be fully or partially repaired.


Chandelier Restoration. Many chandeliers have been poorly restored in the past. The worst cases involved the slicing off of the nozzles ( candle holders ) of Georgian chandeliers, discarding the beautiful slipover grease pans and replacing them with modern fittings.


Chandelier Conservation. It is important to keep old parts on the chandelier unless there is a safety issue.We have a range of antique buttons and pendants that can replace broken or missing parts. 




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Old brittle pins changed, missing pieces replaced with antique or reproduction parts.





Chandeliers dismantled packed and reassembled.


Reproduction Georgian,

Regency & Victorian

chandeliers made to order.

Fire smoke & flood damaged chandelier restoration.


Load & electrical testing.  

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